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September, 2019

Midland Petroleum Club
11:30 AM
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Mr. David Monk, SEG Distinguished Lecturer, presents
"Apache in Egypt: a history of the evolution of seismic technology, or 20 years of seismic acquisition mistakes."

The Western Desert of Egypt presents some unique challenges for seismic acquisition. While the main challenges are geophysical (for example the excessive levels of scattered ground roll), practical hurdles also have to be overcome, such as the need to perform mine clearance, and the reluctance of partners to adopt new techniques which may potentially overcome some of the obstacles to subsurface imaging.

Despite these hurdles, Apache has recently completed the first of a series of 3D seismic surveys in Egypt which have been touted as the “highest density seismic survey ever recorded”. While the dramatic results of this effort are changing the interpreters’ understanding of the subsurface, they come at the end of two decades worth of learning. While it is common to review successes in our industry, it is less usual that we go back and look at the mistakes that were made in order to get to where we are today. In this presentation we will review the history behind 3D seismic in Egypt, emphasizing some of the mistakes that were made during the evolution of technology that subsequently led to today’s success.

Green Tree Country Club
8:00 AM

October, 2019

Midland Petroleum Club
11:30 AM

November, 2019

Midland Petroleum CLub
11:30 AM

May, 2020

Midland Petroleum Club and Mac's BBQ
11:30 AM